Solution or part of the problem?

So many issues are being discussed recently. It look like social media is playing a vital role in all of the current issues. Be it the rape case, Nirbhaya’s death or Owaisi’s statement, or the children killing children with gun inspired by the violent video games. Everyone is talking about it. Some of us are sorry for what happened, some of us want a strict law, and some of us are just enjoying these things as just another stories of the internet, thinking tragedies happen only to people, it will never affect us.

I feel we should stop taking it so lightly. What are we doing to make a change to the society? Do you really think changing the law will fix everything? There was death penalty for murderers, did that stop murders? I am not saying we shouldn’t create a good law. IMHO, a good law is very important, especially when we are still following most of the laws made in early days of last century in the british rule. But is it enough? Really?

We should work to make this society better, we should work towards a violence free society. We have our national pledge which says “all Indians are my brothers and sisters”. Is it just a joke for us? It is time to expand this oath and say “all the people from the world are my brothers and sisters” and lets make this world a violence free society and beautiful place to live.

We should stop being pessimist towards the world. Hope is a waking dream. I feel there is a very easy way to change this world, how to change people and how to change the society. If you really feel to change things happening around you, it is time for you change yourself. If you notice carefully what is common thing around most of the issues then you will realize it is negativity, and it is violence in the society, in the kids and in the youth, in girls and in the senior generation. It is time for us to come together, make this world a small family. Let us eradicate the negativity and violence from ourselves! Lets us bring peace to ourselves. When we are at peace, centered and free of violence, we can come together and fight towards the illness of society. There are no bad people in this world, it is only the wrong attitude, and bad habits of people. Lets us fight with it together, fight with negativity and fight with violence.

Here are some of the project to list a few which are being undertaken.

The journey from war to peace

Prison Smart

Waves of breaths

I have changed, seen people changing,  isn’t it better than just commenting on social media and thinking I have done my job? Come forward, there are many volunteer project where we need your participation to take a step and change the world.

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