How to upgrade Yappari on N900

How to upgrade Yappari on N900

We are assuming here that you have working installation of Yappari on your N900. If you are looking forward how to install, you can simplly follow the video in the end.

To upgrade Yappari on your N900 follow this :

  1. Open Yaapari > go to Menu > Quit
  2. Go to App Manager > uninstall > Find and uninstall you existing Yaapri installation
  3. Download the latest client of yappari and transfer it to  your N900 from
  4. Open terminal > change to root > and install your new yappari client using :  ( instead of yappari_0.0.28_armel.deb you are supposed to use the file name which you have downloaded.)

dpkg -i yappari_0.0.28_armel.deb

Here is how to install Yappari from scratch :

Enjoy whatsapp services using Yappari!

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  1. I downloaded Yappari from Application manager but when i open it and type my number something fails and it says that the version is old :o what’s wrong?

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