As a kid i remember the chocolates  then known as Cadbury, gifted to me by the guests. I used to first keep it in refrigerator  That 1 bar of chocolate used be shared with siblings and parents, or anyone else present at home that time. One bite a day, that chocolate used to be enjoyed for a week if not more.
Now, I go anytime and buy any expensive chocolate whenever I want. And finish it start to end in a minute.
But I don’t find the taste which I had as a kid. The chocolate, shared with everyone, and ate over a period of time was always much sweeter and delicious than any chocolate I eat alone today.
Sharing makes such a huge difference, isn’t it?

One comment on “Sweetness

  1. Namrata November 25, 2014 5:27 am

    That’s the truth of life my friend. Day by day, as we outgrow out clothes and run in the pursuit of metal-paper-plastic, we leave behind every opportunity that once gave us sheer joy and happiness 🙂

    Reading those few lines took me back to my “being tiny” days, when I used to open the refrigerator, enjoy the peek-a-boo with that slab of chocolate and close the fridge with the satisfactio that yes, I still have loads of it !

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