Quit Smoking.

One year from the day I quit smoking and liquor. Life still moves on. It has got a better vision, a better perspective, a healthy life style. I can run 6 kms without problem, I can skate for 13 kms; stamina is growing. And when I do any of such outdoor activities; when I get tired, I fill my lungs with that fresh air, that long deep breath. It feels so good. I can make out the difference. Difference in filling the lungs with the beautiful fresh air given by nature and filling the lungs with the smoke and tar which not only destroys you but many other around you and certainly harms your next generation, if at all you care about it.

I do.

I always wanted to quit smoking, I tried many different things. Reducing from 10 to 8-6-3-2-1.. and skipping the time when I used to smoke, the tablets which helps quit smoking. But everything was in vein until I did my Art Of Living basic course. Just 3 days and it changed my life for good. I was supposed to quit smoking only for 3 days during the course and I did. Those 3 days were so full of energy, learning many new good things, exercise, dancing, singing, chit-chats and sharing, knowing new people and knowing yourself. Those 3 days made me realize how it makes difference in burning lungs and giving them the fresh air, a.k.a prana-vayu. When I was back to my life; I never had that urge to smoke.

Quit smoking, quit liquor. It Kills.

2 comments on “Quit Smoking.

  1. Sonea March 14, 2013 3:58 pm

    I always used to pray to God before our marriage that my husband should not be a smoker! And then I met you, fallen in love with you and I asked God, “though I prayed to you so intensely why he smokes and not able to quit it? 🙁 “. I never got an answer that time. I used to think this will never change. But now I can only smile and smile for all what has happened and happening in our lives like a miracle. 🙂 thank you Guruji. Jai Gurudev.

  2. Ameya March 17, 2016 4:28 pm

    Good to know that Mark, hope you are completely away from it. I would recommend to join a http://www.artofliving.org workshop, it helps for a happy and healthy life style and it is fun !

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